Barn Home Designs...
Reflections of Yesteryear!

Barn home designs capture the essence of our agrarian heritage and deep connection with the land.  Simple in design and sturdy in structure, they blend nostalgic charm with present-day livability and convenience!

A 19th century barn (below) in Upstate New York is among a cluster of converted outbuildings on the property.  Renovated by William Green Architecture, the complex includes a garden shed, boathouse, studio and gym.

barn home designs

Image via William Green Architecture

barn home designs

At only 1,200 square feet, a new barn home by architect Jonathan Wagner makes a big design statement in Connecticut. A perspective view of the entry facade is shown at right.  In the back, a covered deck (below) extends the living area to the out of doors.

Images at right and below via Jonathan Wagner AIA Architect

barn style homes

Moved to a pristine setting in Manchester, Vermont, a salvaged barn is converted to a strikingly picturesque residence.  Landscape planning and design are by Hali Beckman, Ltd.

barn homes

Perspective view of front

barn homes

Rear view at twilight

Image above via Hali Beckman, Ltd.

A post and beam barn home design by architect Kent Thompson graces the landscape in rural Kenton, Ohio.  Constructed by Riverbend Timber Framing, the exterior features a stone foundation and crisp white board and batten siding.  A large glazed cupola caps the roof, flooding the open interior with natural light.

barn style homes

More Barn Home Designs

A gambrel roof and board and batten siding lend authenticity to a new barn home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (left, below).  Built by WynTree Construction with reclaimed wood, the post and beam residence features a stone fireplace surround and a soaring cathedral ceiling overhead (right, below).

barn style homes
barn style homes

Images via WynTree Construction, Inc.

Switching gears for a moment, the following is a conceptual design for a barn-inspired dwelling in Germany.  From Berlin-based Möhring Architekten, the contemporary two and a half story structure features an open floor plan with primary living area on the first floor.

barn home designs

Photo Credit: Stefan Melchior

A dramatic hanging staircase leads to the upper level bedrooms -- each of which comprises a "mini suite" with private bath and dressing room.  If needed, space is available for two additional rooms on the third level loft.

barn style homes

Photo Credit: Stefan Melchior

Back in the U.S., a delightful combination of wood, brick and stone comes together in a barn home design by Brandes Maselli Architects.  Located in Bedminster, New Jersey, it features a silo and cupola.  Standing seam copper covers the roof.

barn home designs

silo ceiling detail

Silo Ceiling Detail

Images via Brandes Maselli Architects

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