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Farmhouse Inspired Home Design...Warm Wood Accents and Soothing Colors!

In farmhouse inspired home design, warm wood accents from Everitt & Schilling Tile add richness and texture to any room!

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New House Floor Plans...Old House Charm!

Classic farmhouse styling infuses new house floor plans with old-fashioned charm!

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Standout Farmhouse Designs...Inspiring Farm and Barn Homes!

Exciting farmhouse designs, ideas and plans to help you create a farm or barn home haven of your own!

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Modern Farm House Floor Plan . . . . . A Masterwork in the Midwest!

The Holly Ridge farm house floor plan combines the best of old and new in a rural weekend retreat for busy urban dwellers!

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Country House Floor Plans... Farmhouse Inspired!

Country house floor plans honor local traditions and variations in style -- with all the comforts and conveniences we've come to expect in a new home!

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The Single Floor House Plan... Modern Marvels!

Exciting single floor house plan designs reflect elements of traditional agrarian architecture in sleek contemporary interpretations!

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Small House Plan Designs for Farm and Barn Cottages!

Small house plan designs blend present-day planning and convenience with old fashioned charm!

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Small House Floor Plans from Catskill Farms!

Small house floor plans and designs from Catskill Farms are inspired by early 20th century vernacular styles found in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York.

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Small Country House Plans... "Farmiliar" Forms!

Small country house plans infused with farmhouse cottage charm. Simple but timeless forms merge to create a special place called "home."

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Small Cottage House Plans...Farm Style Features!

Small cottage house plans inspired by rural vernacular styles offer pockets of serenity for time to reflect!

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Small Farm House Plans...Opportunities for Growth!

Small farm house plans from the Perfect Little House Company are designed to grow with you!

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Small Farmhouse Designs...Cottage Delights!

Small farmhouse designs with storybook styling exude timeless charm!

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Farm House Design...Regional Riches!

Regional variations in farm house design lend diversity and richness to this beloved building type!

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The Modern Farmhouse...An Evolving American Icon!

The modern farmhouse continues to evolve as today's architects, designers and builders are reimagining this iconic building type in exciting new ways!

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Small Barn House Plans...Soaring Spaces!

Small barn house plans with open floors and lofty ceilings blend traditional styling with contemporary flair!

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